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The Art of Delegation

Many times when it comes to delegation, we hear excuses like “I don’t have time to train” or “I do it better by myself”. Is it true that delegation is a waste of time and a reason for decreasing work accuracy and quality?

Why some accountants are able to climb the ladder from data entry level to the top executive level while others cannot.
Most accountants do the same job in the same way all of their life. They like to review all the numbers in details and do everything with their own hands. The more work comes in the more they have to do the same routine. This is a typical “data entry level” accountant despite their middle or senior management title and always will be.
Accountants have to delegate tasks and mentor other accountants. Delegation and mentoring are the key for career success. Accountants should be ready to invest their time in training other accountants and supervising their work, and above all, to invest time in training themselves and improving their skills.
Smart delegation is required in the modern world of finance. Knowing the succession plan helps in knowing what tasks to delegate and what training program is required for each accountant.
It has been proven that delegation of tasks with a proper written policy and procedure ensures high quality and accuracy, and above all prepares accountants to be leaders of change. It allows for spending quality time in solving problems and planning for the future.